In the improving Hungarian catering we distinguish the out settling catering which requires special tasks.

The main activity of Hollogasztro Ltd. is the above mentioned and in the future we want to improve our activity.

Thanks to our reference works in the last years we could try all types of this service and we fulfilled it successfully.
In many cases the place isn’t perfect, but that’s why the challenge is big to meet the special requirement in which our creativity and improvisation skill can help you.

According to this we provide our services with gastronomical arrangement the following occasions:

  • standing reception, seated reception, cold- and warm buffet-table
  • sandwich party, children party, conference coffee break
  • ball, evening party, VIP reception, company opening ceremony, press conference
  • engagement, wedding, wedding lunch and dinner, graduating, birthday, nameday
  • girl- and boy leave party, funeral feast, wine night, brandy corner, car performance
  • garden party, kettle goulash party, show kitchen
  • work buffet, sport programme buffet, school buffet
  • carnival, Easter, Christmas, New Year’ Eve amusement
  • menu transport, family and friends meeting

Further informations about our menus you can find at menuoffers.

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